iJewel Batch X

Skip the manual process - let iJewel Batch X handle the bulk creation of your 3D design renderings, effortlessly. A fast, efficient, and powerful tool for jewelry professionals.

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Automate the 3D model rendering process with Batch X

Discover the key features designed to enhance efficiency, quality, and scalability.

Automated rendering

Batch X lets you create thousands of high-resolution images and 360-degree turnable videos in seconds, simplifying the process and dramatically reducing manual efforts, and time.

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High-quality 3D models

Generate high-quality visuals at scale, retaining perfect detailing and consistency essential for premium 3D jewelry showcases.

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Multiple material and camera permutation

Get access to an extensive library of materials and camera views and customize your 3D models and generate thousands of images and videos as per your unique brand identity.

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Flexible export options

Allows you to batch export multiple 3D models with combinations of camera views, and materials finishes with ease. It can export images in png, jpeg, and webp format and videos in mp4, png/jpeg sequence.

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Local processing power

Operate directly from your local machine (both macOS and windows), ensuring reliable performance without dependency on internet bandwidth. And no need to wait for upload, download and queue for other users.

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Improve efficiency and save cost

Create high-quality, ultra-fast 3D renderings, without compromising on quality and burning a hole in your pocket.

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Intuitive user interface

Designed with a focus on user experience, iJewel Batch X is accessible to users of all skill levels, improving efficiency while reducing the learning curve.

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Offline functionality

No more delays and disruptions related to internet connectivity, guaranteeing continuous production and on-time project delivery.

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What can you do with iJewel Batch X?

Create high-quality renderings in batches swiftly. 

Tailor designs quickly to client specifications.

Reduce manual rendering costs significantly.

Shift focus from production to innovation.

Showcase real-time design variations to clients.

Scale operations without sacrificing quality.

Why iJewel Batch X?

  • High-quality 3D model renderings
  • Improves efficiency
  • Cost-effective
  • Local processing power
  • Extensive export capabilities
  • Automates process and saves time
  • Maintain brand standards
  • Assured safety
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Frequently asked questions about iJewel Batch X

Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to send us a message. We're here to help!
What exactly does iJewel Batch X do?

iJewel Batch X is a powerful tool designed for the automated creation of multiple 3D images and videos of jewelry designs. It allows users to batch export 3D model renders with combinations of camera views, and materials settings quickly and efficiently.

How does iJewel Batch X save time in the production process?

By automating the rendering process, iJewel Batch X can generate hundreds or thousands of images and videos with minimal user interaction. This massive throughput capability drastically reduces the time needed for creating marketing and sales visuals.

What makes iJewel Batch X different from iJewel Studio?

iJewel Studio is an online platform, whereas Batch X operates locally on your machine and focuses on the mass production of images and videos rather than model optimization. Also, unlike iJewel studio that offers yearly subscription, iJewel Batch X allows you to pay per use case. To learn more, get in touch with our support team.

Is technical knowledge required to use iJewel Batch X?

While having basic 3D modeling knowledge is an advantage, iJewel Batch X is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for all levels of technical skills.

Can I use iJewel Batch X on any computer?

Yes, Batch X is compatible with any PC that meets the software’s minimum system requirements and runs on Windows and Mac.

How are updates handled?

Updates are automatically pushed to the software to ensure you always have the latest features and improvements.

How much does iJewel Batch X cost?

Batch X offers a fixed subscription of $1500/year (at a 50% discount) for the new users, helping you manage budgets effectively while scaling operations.

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