We offer you the future of jewelry presentation.

Designed for jewelry and watch designers, retailers and manufacturers, our Software Development Kit (SDK) offers features that help produce high-quality, interactive 3D images of your creations online.

Why Choose Our SDK?

We have tailored our products for the jewelry industry. You do not need deep knowledge of 3D graphics to display brilliant 3D interactive images of your creations online. Add a plugin and everything else is done for you. With real-time rendering, customizable lighting, and advanced shadow effects, you can create captivating and realistic displays for your audience.
Easy Integration:
Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.
Tutorials: We provide in-depth tutorials to help you integrate the plugins and teach you how to use them.
User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use, even for those new to 3D rendering.

Diamond Plugin

What It Does: Captures every detail of diamonds and refractive objects and shows it in real-time.

Why It's Useful: Makes your digital jewelry look very realistic and shiny, capturing the sparkle and clarity of real diamonds and gems, with inclusions to simulate ruby, sapphire, and similar gemstones.

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Ground Plugin

What It Does: Adds realistic, subtle shadow effects and enhances the depth of reflective surfaces.

Why It's Useful: Creates a natural setting for your jewelry, enhancing its appeal by making it look like it's placed on a real surface.

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Photorealistic rendering/effects

What It Does: Projects HDR lighting onto a flat ground, and helps achieve uniform lighting conditions.

Why It's Useful: Ensures consistent, high-quality lighting and reflections for your jewelry, making it look more vibrant and appealing.

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High Quality Shadows 

What It Does: Creates soft, natural shadows by slightly varying the light direction.

Why It's Useful: Adds a realistic touch to your jewelry by avoiding harsh, unnatural shadows, making the lighting look more like real life.

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Asset Manager and Material Presets

What It Does: Manages assets such as 3D models, textures, and other media files.

Why It's Useful: Simplifies the organization and access to various assets, ensuring smooth workflow and efficient resource utilization.

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Background / Environment assets, UI and presets

What It Does: Provides UI controls for changing viewer backgrounds and environment maps.

Why It's Useful: Allows users to customize the visual environment of their scenes easily.

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Material Configurator Plugin

What It Does: Manages material configurations, serialization, and snapshots for material configurators.

Why It's Useful: Streamlines the creation and management of customizable material options for products.

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Post effects/screen filters

What It Does: Manages material libraries for easy access and organization.

Why It's Useful: Provides a centralized repository of materials for efficient reuse and consistency across projects.

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Additional Benefits

WebGi Editor/Playground: Easily create and edit scenes.

Codepen Samples: Access ready-to-use code samples.

Consultation: 2 hours of expert consultation included.

Private Discord Chat: 48-hour response time for support.

Frequently asked questions about iJewel Design

Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to send us a message. We're here to help!
What is iJewel Playground?

iJewel Playground is a robust editor designed for jewelers, designers, and manufacturers looking to design, visualize, and render the 3D models. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools that enable users to import 3D models, apply a wide range of materials and effects, configure customizations, and much more. The tool helps to envision, modify, and finalize sophisticated jewelry pieces before they are physically created.

What types of files can I import into iJewel Playground?

iJewel Playground supports a range of 3D file formats including 3dm, fbx, obj, gltf, glb, and stl. This versatility ensures you can seamlessly integrate your existing models into our platform without the need for complex conversions.

Can I share my designs directly from iJewel Playground with clients?

Absolutely! iJewel Playground offers direct sharing capabilities that allow you to send links of your live 3D models to clients or stakeholders. This facilitates efficient communication and expedited feedback, streamlining the design approval process.

How customizable are the jewelry designs in iJewel Playground?

Our platform features a robust set of configurators for materials, objects, and engravings, giving you complete creative control over your designs. Change and experiment with different aspects easily to achieve the desired outcome.

What export options are available?

iJewel Playground supports exporting in multiple formats such as images, videos, 3D models. This flexibility allows you to preserve every detail of your design for manufacturing or marketing purposes.

Is there a learning curve to using iJewel Playground?

iJewel Playground is designed to be as intuitive as possible but understand that transitioning to new technology can require some adjustment. We provide comprehensive training materials, tutorials, and dedicated support to ensure you can utilize the tool effectively.

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