iJewel Tryon

Level up your online jewelry showcase and boost sales with iJewel’s virtual jewelry try on.

Give your customers the power to try on jewelry in stunning 3D, anywhere, anytime,and find their perfect match with iJewel TryOn.

Boost sales with AR!

Engage, excite, and convert with every click!

iJewel Tryon is designed to bridge the gap between imagination and reality. Transform your customers’ online jewelry shopping experience with these unmatched features.

Ultra-realistic 3D visuals

Make your customers go ‘wow’ with the shimmer and shine of each piece as if they were holding it in their hands. With iJewel TryOn viewer you can provide immersive, true-to-life previews that captivate and convert.

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Real-time interaction

Let your customers see how exquisite rings, bracelets, and necklaces look on them with our seamless augmented reality try-on feature. Improve customers’ confidence and excitement with real-time interaction, and boost sales.

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Instant customization

With iJewel’s virtual jewelry try-on, it’s not just imagination - it’s real! The powerful 3D configurator lets your customers modify gemstone colors, metal finishes, and more to create a piece that's uniquely theirs, boosting satisfaction with their chosen design.

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User-friendly interface

Engage shoppers with an interface that's as beautiful as it is intuitive. iJewel virtual jewelry try-on comes with a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth journey from browsing to trying on to purchasing a jewelry piece.

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Cross-platform compatibility

Reach your audience wherever they are. iJewel Tryon is optimized for flawless performance across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, ensuring a spectacular experience on any platform.

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What can you do with iJewel Tryon?

Provide a memorable AR jewelry shopping experience. 

Reduce hesitation and boost customers’ confidence.

Save time and resources by showcasing designs before creating.

Improve conversion rate with try-before-you-buy features.

Reduce return rate and enhance the brand image with jewelry AR.

Why iJewel TryOn?

  • Real-time 3D visualizations
  • Virtual try-ons
  • Customization options
  • Cross-platform compatibility 
  • Seamless integration
  • Dedicated support
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Frequently asked questions about iJewel Tryon

Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to send us a message. We're here to help!
What is iJewel Tryon?

iJewel Tryon is an advanced tool that helps businesses by offering an innovative platform where their customers can virtually try on jewelry pieces in real time before they actually buy. The virtual jewelry try on software helps brands to enhance their online presence, offer interactive shopping experiences, streamline the customization process, and boost online jewelry sales.

Is iJewel Tryon difficult to integrate with my existing system?

Absolutely not. iJewel Tryon is designed for smooth integration, ensuring you get up and running with minimal fuss. Our technical team works closely with you to ensure a smooth and efficient setup process.

Can iJewel Tryon handle multiple users trying on jewelry simultaneously?

Yes, iJewel Tryon is built to scale with your business. It can easily accommodate multiple users, providing each with a personalized and uninterrupted experience. We ensure your customers enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted experience, even during the busiest shopping periods.

Will iJewel Tryon work in low-bandwidth environments?

Yes, the 3D viewer is optimized for performance, ensuring a smooth experience even in areas with limited internet connectivity.

Is iJewel Tryon compatible with mobile devices and various web browsers?

Yes, iJewel Tryon is designed for cross-platform compatibility, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience across all mobile devices and modern web browsers. 

Revolutionize your customer's online buying experience. 

Let your customers explore and wear stunning jewelry pieces virtually before they make the perfect choice.

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