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Get ready to bring your jewelry to life with dynamic effects, creating an engaging digital adventure for customers with the advanced iJewel Experiences.
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Engage, captivate, and convert your website visitors into customers.

A platform that elevates your jewelry to new heights, weaving dynamic effects into a mesmerizing digital adventure for your customers.

Interactive storytelling

Turn your product pages into an epic narrative. Let your customers uncover the stories behind each design, the craftsmanship involved, and the inspiration that breathes life into your collection, improving the emotional connection.

Real-time configuration

From the subtlety of engraving to the bold statements of gemstone hues, customers can personalize their jewelry piece in 3D, watching their choices take shape instantaneously - creating an experience as unique and personal as the jewelry they're crafting.

Intuitive user-friendly experience

Let your customers navigate through the platform effortlessly. iJewel Experiences offers a seamless user journey, from initial awe to the final transaction, guaranteeing a positive impression that lasts well beyond the first visit.

Frequently asked questions about iJewel Experiences

Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to send us a message. We're here to help!
What is iJewel3D and how can it benefit my jewelry business?

iJewel3D is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to showcase jewelry products in the highest detail through 3D, images, and 360 videos. It benefits jewelry businesses by providing a platform for manufacturers to share designs with clients, enabling online retailers to sell products in an engaging way, and assisting in the easy production of high-quality visual content for eCommerce.

Can iJewel3D help in personalizing jewelry designs?

Absolutely! iJewel3D offers features like engraving, configurators, builders, and the WebGi editor, allowing you to customize jewelry designs in real-time. This personalization capability helps in creating unique and tailored jewelry pieces for your customers.

How can I benefit from Vision Studio?

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How does iJewel3D ensure the high-quality visualization of jewelry?

iJewel3D employs advanced features like Screen Space Reflections (SSR), accurate diamond cuts, sparkles/bloom effects, and depth of field to ensure that every detail of the jewelry is captured with stunning aesthetics and symmetry. This results in highly realistic and attractive visualizations.

What support and resources are available for new users of iJewel3D?

iJewel3D provides comprehensive support and resources for new users, including detailed tutorials, documentation, customer support, feedback mechanisms, and regular updates. This ensures a smooth onboarding experience and ongoing assistance for users to maximize the platform's capabilities.

How does iJewel3D stand out in terms of innovation and efficiency?

iJewel3D stands out through its innovative features like keyframe and morph animations, real-time physics simulation, and parallax effects. It also offers efficient solutions like model optimization and automatic image/video generation, helping businesses become more efficient and independent in their jewelry design and marketing processes.

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